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All C.SCOPE metal detectors come with a two year parts and labour warranty plus three extra years parts warranty.

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What is the difference between Motion Detectors and Non Motion Detectors? Click here to learn more about the difference between Motion Detectors and Non Motion Detectors.
How long is the guarantee on a new C.Scope metal Detector? All new C.Scope Metal Detectors are covered by a 2 year parts and labour guarantee and an additional 3 years cover...
Do you fix and service C.Scope Detectors? We have a full Service and Repair facility at our factory in Ashford, Kent. Call us first on +44 (0)1233 629181 and have...
Do I need a special detector when detecting on the beach? Wet sand is electrically conductive, due to the effects of the salt from the sea. This makes the beach react...
Do I need a licence to operate a Metal Detector in the UK? In the UK the requirement to have a licence was abolished in 1984 after successful lobbying by C.Scope International.

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